Why Bazaarvoice

The Bazaarvoice Network

Over 700m shopper devices monthly...

Over 500m consumers monthly...

At 5,000+ brands & retail websites...

In 37 languages globally

Extend the reach of your content

Our network allows brands to syndicate content they collect to retailers, significantly extending the reach of each individual piece of content.

In-depth reporting beyond your product pages

Our exclusive Syndication Reporting shows brands the impact and reach of their content, while retailers can uncover opportunities to improve performance and coverage.

Respond to reviews, answer questions

Through Bazaarvoice Connections, brands can answer questions and respond to reviews on retailer sites in the Bazaarvoice Network, reducing returns and improving client relationships.

Industry-leading moderation

Our advanced technology and hundreds of highly trained moderators combine to protect your brand and keep you out of the news.

Brain power

We are proud to invest in our moderation team. All of our moderators have college degrees and receive comprehensive ongoing training.

All day, every day

Moderation takes place 24/7, 365 days of the year, to make sure submitted content is brand-safe and published as quickly as possible. We don't put any artificial delays on your content: as soon as it's moderated, it's live for customers to view.

No subject matter too specialized

We have the unique ability to customize content tagging for your business, rather than relying on one-size-fits-all guidelines. When you join us as a client we'll work with you to tailor our industry-specific guidelines to suit your business.

Global scalability

Our moderator team is fluent in nearly 40 different languages. As you expand globally, Bazaarvoice can help you grow.

Drive more traffic with Google

Bazaarvoice's partnership with Google gives you a holistic approach to increasing site traffic with user-generated content.

Bring reviews into the Google Shopping experience

Syndicating ratings and reviews into Google Shopping allows you to direct shoppers back to your retail site, and away from your competition.

Improve your ROI on paid ads

Delivering authentic word of mouth content in your product listing ads improves customer acquisition and helps you stand out against other ads.

Increase shopper confidence with Google Seller Ratings

Give shoppers more confidence in your services by collecting feedback and displaying it in Google Seller Ratings, increasing your ROI on ad-spend and improving click-through rates.

Capture the interest of shoppers early in the funnel

Display fresh, curated reviews on your category pages to increase search traffic to pages earlier in the buying process.

Bazaarvoice Authentic Reviews Trustmark

Safeguard your reviews

We have established one of the industry's most robust programs to protect the integrity of the user-generated content we manage and display on your site.

Get the Bazaarvoice Trustmark

Working with us to keep content authentic means you get access to the Bazaarvoice Trustmark, a visual reminder to your customers that reviews on your site can be trusted.

Strong anti-fraud protections

Our advanced anti-fraud technology and authenticity specialists protect both consumers and your brand. Our infrastructure enables us to quickly identify and flag suspicious content.

Learn more about Authenticity

The latest technology and innovations

Our dynamic platform doesn’t limit you to static templates and delayed content. We make it easy for consumers to find relevant reviews, while giving you the ability to customize the solution to fit your needs.

No waiting for content

Our solutions are real-time, meaning you don't have to wait overnight for your users' content to be published and start making an impact.

Customize your forms to your needs

Your business is unique, and your review forms should reflect that. Rather than forcing you into templates, our Configuration Hub enables you to customize and change questions in real-time without any support tickets.

Innovation built in-house

All of our products are built in-house by our engineering teams, meaning you get seamless integrations and one-stop-shop support.

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