The Bazaarvoice Network

The user-generated content network that brings you more

Our network connects thousands of leading brands and retailers around the world, reaching more than 700m people every month.

Over 700m shopper devices monthly...

Over 500m consumers monthly...

At 5,000+ brands & retail websites...

In 37 languages globally

Extend the reach and volume of your valuable user-generated content

The Bazaarvoice Network allows brands to syndicate content they collect to retailers, significantly extending the reach of each individual piece of content.

Brands extend the reach of their reviews, while retailers get a welcome boost in content.

Retailers: Get more review content, more easily

With brands sharing reviews on our Network, syndication allows retailers to display significantly increased review volume.

Brands: Showcase your reviews on some of the web's biggest retailers

With over 60% of the Internet Retailer Top 100 as clients, your shared reviews will be seen where they can have a significant impact.

Exclusive Syndication Reporting

Our syndication reports show brands the impact and reach of their content, while retailers can uncover opportunities to improve performance and coverage.

Competitive reporting

Our Competitive Insights report shows how you stack up within the Network, giving you more information for key marketing and merchandising decisions.

In-depth reports give you a better understanding of your content reach

It's your content, you should know where it goes.

Our reports show you where your content is being syndicated and – crucially – how it's performing.

Get your content seen by the right shoppers, right when they're ready to buy

Our exclusive b:targeting platform uses data from all across the Bazaarvoice Network to reach consumers who have read reviews about your category, brand, or product – even those of your competition.

Shopper segments from over 5,000 leading brands & retailers

The Bazaarvoice Network leverages data from some of the largest retailers across the web, giving you a huge range of options for targeting your paid media.

Highly effective word-of-mouth ad units

Our innovative ad units extend the reach of your reviews and social content, like Instagram photos, to a huge potential audience, not just those consumers who visit your site.

Improve your reputation as a client-centric brand

Responding to reviews, both positive and negative, shows consumers that you're actively listening to their feedback and improves your reputation.

Reduce returns to merchants

By responding to questions that consumers have before they purchase, you can help them make the right choice – reducing returns and improving your relationship with merchants.

Build better relationships with your customers and retailers

The Bazaarvoice Connections program allows you to take part in the ongoing conversation about your products and services.

As a brand, you can directly impact sales by responding to reviews and answering questions.

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