Real ROI from social in 5 steps

Real ROI from social in 5 steps

Social has changed marketing forever. Not only are brand conversations happening 24/7, but they are taking place on multiple social channels around the world. Your team is investing time and effort engaging in these channels, but like most in your position, you've probably found it's challenging to connect profits to your team's activities.

Bazaarvoice has taken the collective insights of over 2,000 of the world's leading brands and developed a clear and compelling 5-step methodology to help you better measure the return on your social investments.

This white paper, Real ROI from Social in 5 Steps, will show you how the most successful brands and retailers in the world are currently capturing results and proving true social ROI.

"Measuring ROI is a primary challenge for 57% of marketers , but only 12% of companies were able to track the effectiveness of their social media efforts against revenues."

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