Social Trends Report

Social Trends Report

Thriving in the connected economy

Consumers’ demands are getting louder, bolder, and more specific. Digitally, they share knowledge and self-organize, seizing more collective power than ever. They have become the innovators, trendsetters, and advocates that companies cannot succeed without.

  • The four P’s of marketing are rewritten
  • Data-literate companies thrive in the face of consumer change
  • Paid, owned, and earned media drive each other’s success
  • Consumers require relationships, not transactions

A transparent, fully-connected world that seamlessly spans channels, shares freely, learns from data, syncs marketing and consumer desires in harmony, and connects brands and people in lasting relationships: Too good to be true? The speakers at Bazaarvoice Summit 2013 don’t appear to think so – and the trends they share hint that this omnichannel world is coming sooner rather than later.

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