Get more organic search traffic for your category pages

When users search, they click on organic results 94% of the time. Making sure your site is ranked well for multiple keywords is key to success.

Spotlights adds more of the type of content that search engines love, to more of your pages, in a way that adds real value to your user experience while improving traffic significantly.


Search engine optimization that puts the user first

Some SEO solutions forget the most important visitors to your website: your customers.

  • Spotlights integrates seamlessly into your website, maintaining your user experience while also providing the content that search engines love.
  • Each instance can bring over 2,000 words of rich, social content into pages that often hold little content.
  • No need for paragraphs of 'junk' content solely created for SEO that is easily discounted by search engines.

Optimize for the keywords your customers use

By adding consumer-generated content to your category pages, you're using the language that your customers use when describing and searching for your products - helping you naturally rank for the keywords that customers actually use.

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Bazaarvoice Spotlights - User experience

Updated content every day, without any extra work

You may have heard that search engines rank sites with fresh content higher than sites where content is allowed to go 'stale'. But on sites where you may have hundreds or thousands of categories, keeping them all updated is a daunting challenge.

Our patent-pending algorithm selects products and associated consumer-generated content every day, according to some simple rules that you set. It then spotlights this content on your category pages, giving these pages the fresh content that search engines are looking for.

Help your content get indexed

All Spotlights modules are tagged with microdata as standard. These tags make it easier for search engines to index and understand the content of your pages.

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