Bazaarvoice Intelligence

Part of Bazaarvoice Conversations

Bazaarvoice Intelligence analyzes the flood of ratings, reviews, questions, and answers that Bazaarvoice Conversations captures for your business.

In a simple visual dashboard, Intelligence identifies patterns in your feedback to help you make smarter decisions in every area of your business.


Inform portfolio management, R&D, marketing, and more

Insights into people’s behaviors, preferences, and product feedback informs your teams which products to stock or discontinue, which features to add in your next iteration, and what words to use in your marketing.

Enhance technology with human analysis

Our moderation team of native speakers wades through colloquialisms, sarcasm, and hyperbole that software alone can’t interpret. Moderators read all content and tag it with insights like product suggestions, accolades, and criticisms for deeper understanding.

Correlate sentiment with buyer traits

Why do thirty-something’s love your new product but teenagers return it? Intelligence combines product ratings with reviewer characteristics like gender, age, and persona. Visualized trends show you which people to target with which products.

Identify promoters and detractors

Discover your most satisfied and vocal fans to delight with recognition or invite to virtual focus groups. Recognize any dissatisfied consumers so you can address their concerns directly and turn an unpleasant experience into a pleasing solution.

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