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Respond to shopper questions and reviews across our network of leading retail sites.

About Bazaarvoice and Connections

Our platform hosts billions of authentic ratings and reviews and questions and answers on nearly 2,000 retail and brand websites globally. Connections puts your brand into those conversations.

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How Bazaarvoice Connections works

Connections is an online portal where brands can access and respond to aggregated consumer questions and reviews across retail partner sites in one interface.

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Value and sales impact

Interacting with shoppers at the point of purchase, through Q&A and responses to negative reviews, brings substantial lift to conversion and intent to purchase.

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Connections case studies

Learn how brands like yours use Connections to increase sales, protect brand reputation, encourage advocates and use valuable insights to transform their business.

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Who is Bazaarvoice?

Bazaarvoice Inc., (NASDAQ:BV) is a leading provider of social software as a service technology. Our Platform hosts billions of consumer-generated ratings and reviews and questions and answers on nearly 2,000 retail and brand websites globally. The word of mouth content we enable is a major influencer of purchases today. In fact, 84% of consumers research online before making purchases – of which a large majority use smart phones to look up price comparisons and reviews in-store.

What is Bazaarvoice Connections?

Bazaarvoice Connections enables brands to respond to consumer questions and reviews about their products across a network of retail sites, influencing both online and in-store sales, reducing returns, and building brand loyalty. It’s like having a rep in every digital shopping aisle, where one published response to a question or review can influence sales and loyalty for countless future shoppers.

Connections Basic (free)

Answer shopper questions and view up to 25 customer reviews across all participating retailers in the Bazaarvoice network.

Note: After you sign up for the FREE Connections Basic program, you will be automatically eligible to upgrade to Connections Premium.

Connections Premium

Respond to shopper questions and reviews across all participating retailers. Our technology finds the most important reviews across the Bazaarvoice network and surfaces them in one inbox to make it easy to
respond and learn.


How brands use Connections

Connections aggregates consumer questions and reviews from all retail sites within the Bazaarvoice network. Brands access and respond to these questions and reviews on a single interface. Responses publish on retailer sites below the question or review with your brand’s logo.

How shoppers experience Connections

Shoppers can ask pre-sales questions and write reviews directly on retail site product pages. They’re alerted when your brand responds. For questions, answers can come from other customers as well as brands. For reviews, responses can only come from brands.

  • "With Connections, we’ve increased sales 35% and seen call volume to customer service cut in half."

    Dorothy Schiller, Director of Marketing
    Sleep Revolution
  • "Connections gives us the opportunity to have one-to-one interactions with our customers all the way to point of sale and beyond – and we relish that."

    Sten Hallock
    Senior Manager, Online Marketing

What is the value and sales impact of participating in Connections?

Answers to shopper questions remove information gaps that inhibit purchases. Brands that participate in Bazaarvoice Connections influence the decisions of not only the shopper asking the question, but of countless future shoppers reading your response, so the sales impact is exponentially increased.

Brands that respond to negative reviews can actually increase sales. A recent Wakefield study showed that when shoppers see a negative review with a brand’s response vs. a negative review by itself, purchase intent DOUBLES.**

Retailers recognize that engaging with shoppers on their site improves customers’ shopping experience and increases sales conversion. Brands that use Connections positively impact preferred vendor status with their retail partners.


conversion increase when brands answer customer questions.1


conversion increase when shoppers read a review response vs. no response.2

* Bazaarvoice retail study, 2013: **Wakefield Research consumer survey, 2013: 1Bazaarvoice Analytics, 2012: 2Bazaarvoice Analytics, 2013


Connections case studies

  • Sleep Revolution increased sales by 35%, cut support calls by 50%, and improved shopper marketing

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  • Valspar has built an authoritative brand image and shown customers that it cares deeply about their satisfaction

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  • Homax enhances brand reputation with consumers and retail partners

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