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Influence 3 out of 4 shoppers* while they are truly in-market

Bazaarvoice uses our first-party data to find shoppers currently in-market for your products, and helps you reach and influence them across devices.

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Audience segments built based on actual shopper behavior

Our targeting doesn't rely on loose assumptions made about consumer behavior based on stale data. Bazaarvoice's fresh first-party data comes directly from the 700 million shopper devices interacting with consumer generated content across our network of 5,000 brands and retailers – including ratings & reviews, questions & answers, photos & videos, and more.

Using a combination of our robust data and deep insights, we build audiences comprised of active shoppers who are currently in-market for your products and category. This allows us to run turnkey ad campaigns using proven strategies to deliver on your specific KPI – across display, video, and native formats.

Bazaarvoice knows when shoppers are truly in-market

Bazaarvoice knows when shoppers are truly in-market
Bazaarvoice knows when shoppers are truly in-market
Bazaarvoice knows when shoppers are truly in-market

How do other advertising partners know when shoppers are truly in-market?

160MM unique active shoppers 100MM consumer products 5,000 brands and retailers

Advertising powered by first-party shopper data direct from the
Bazaarvoice network

Bazaarvoice's technology is integrated into product pages across thousands of leading brands and retailers, giving us unique insight into the shopping habits of your customers as they research and purchase.

We identify shoppers while they’re actively considering purchasing your product and category, so you can reach them at the most crucial point in time – when they’re ready to buy.


Measure mid-to-lower funnel impact with insight into consideration and conversion

Gain a deeper understanding of your market opportunity with our Audience Snapshot. See how deeply consumers are considering your brand versus others in your competitive set. Get granular insights to identify your target audiences and help define campaign strategy.

Understand how your campaign actually moved the needle amongst your target audiences. Our detailed Consideration and Conversion Reports include a view of brand performance across retailers, like you’ve never seen before.

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Leverage our arsenal of authentic consumer generated content

Break through the clutter and increase consumer trust by using genuine ratings & reviews and imagery from social channels. Mine our content pool to identify the most relevant messaging to truly connect with your target audience, complementing your existing brand creative.

Take advantage of advanced creative capabilities to deliver personalized, data-driven, and fully optimized user experiences across the purchase journey.

Bazaarvoice Advertising helps you...

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Find your active shoppers


Reach them anywhere


See the impact

…so you can efficiently reach and influence true in-market shoppers

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* ”Influence 3 out of 4 shoppers” refers to reach of US online shoppers (Source). Looking for ad specs? You can find them here.

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