Reach and engage in-market shoppers with Bazaarvoice Shopper Advertising

Our exclusive first-party data and targeting capabilities let you find your in-market shoppers and reach them more efficiently.

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Bazaarvoice Shopper Segments

Audience segments based on shopper behavior, not guesswork

Our shopper data doesn't rely on loose assumptions about consumer behavior like traditional behavioral targeting does. We collect insights from real shoppers interacting with the content that matters most in the retail environment: product pages and customer reviews.

Using granular insights from across the Bazaarvoice network, we build highly specific Shopper Segments for your campaigns that pinpoint active shoppers based on their actual shopping behavior - helping you reach your target audience more efficiently.

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Advertising powered by exclusive first-party data direct from the Bazaarvoice network

Bazaarvoice technology is integrated into product pages across tons of leading retailers and brands, giving us unique insights into the shopping habits of customers as they research and buy.


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Our technology allows us to be able to identify active shoppers further down the funnel - for your product and your vertical.

Bazaarvoice Competitive Insights

Learn the "why" behind your market share

Gain a deeper understanding of your market opportunity with our Audience Breakdown Report. We show you how many of your consumers we can already see in our network, what brands they're considering, and how you can target them more efficiently to become part of their consideration set.

And after your campaign? Our detailed Post-Campaign ROI Report shows you the true impact of your campaign and its effect on your bottom line.

Engaging ad units take your content beyond the product page

Extend your consumer-generated content to a much wider audience and improve your brand consideration and favorability.

Amplify your review content – Word of Mouth Ads use your authentic reviews to break through the clutter and increase consumer trust.

Showcase social imagery – Use Curations Ads to incorporate hand-moderated product photos shared by your biggest fans on Instagram and Twitter, into your campaigns.

Exclusive network of retail publishers

Bazaarvoice lets you reach more than 60 million shoppers as they discover, review, compare, and buy on premium retail sites. Your ads are shown to active shoppers as they shop, in a brand-safe environment.

Bazaarvoice Shopper Segments

Grab shopper attention on mobile

Our network of leading mobile shopping apps, lets you reach shoppers while they're using loyalty programs, clipping digital coupons and comparing prices. Connect with shoppers while they're in-store and on-the-go.

Drive more visitors to your brick and mortar stores by sending geo-fenced offers to mobile app users nearby.

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