Visual Content Strategies to Supercharge the Buyer Journey

How to use visual CGC to optimize all stages in the path to purchase

60% of marketers believe visual content is essential to their marketing strategy. Despite that, half of marketing departments are allocating 20% or less of their budget towards producing pictures and videos.

That isn’t surprising; it’s really expensive to create compelling visual content across your product catalog.

But it doesn’t have to be. Today’s social media platforms offer a rich sea of authentic product- and brand-focused social content from every marketer’s best friend: their customers.

And when you leverage a mix of visual consumer-generated content (CGC) programs and in-house design work, you’re in a position to supercharge the customer journey from top to bottom.

In our webinar, you’ll find strategies on how to:

  • Break through the noise and get discovered
  • Stop the scroll on social and your site
  • Seal the deal with visual social proof

Visual Content Strategies to Supercharge the Buyer Journey

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