Talking to strangers: Millennials trust people over brands

By 2017, Millennials – currently in their mid-teens to mid-30s – will have more spending power than any generation. Their reliance on social disrupts all areas of business. They’re constantly connected, endlessly curious about what others are doing, and it flows right into how they shop.

As early social media adopters, they often understand social better than the brands trying to reach them. So Millennials make their own rules of commerce – and it’s time for brands to catch up – or perish.

Our new research about Millennials reveals:

  • 84% of Millennials rely on the opinions of other consumers. They look for customer product reviews on company websites for big and small purchases.
  • These authentic consumer conversations have more of an impact on what Millennials buy than recommendations from friends and family – they trust strangers.
  • Millennials don’t really believe that companies care what they think. But they still want to have conversations with brands. Bottom line: Millennials buy differently. Are you selling to them differently?

 Check out our Millennial research today. See how to capture the loyalty of this powerful generation.

Talking to strangers: Millennials trust people over brands

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