Rebuilding credibility and loyalty with the digital customer

According to CEB TowerGroup research, digital customers are only half as likely to consider their bank a trusted advisor than customers that are more branch-oriented. 

One way that financial services institutions are re-establishing themselves as an advisor? They are listening instead of talking.

By enabling members and customers to offer feedback on products, services, interactions, and branch service, banks show consumers that they value their input -- building trust along the way. Like in any decision-making, consumers want to hear from other people like themselves, and they want to find this information digitally.

Watch this webinar to learn:

·       Why understanding the voice of the customer is important and urgent for banks

·       How feedback can improve the branch customer experience

·       Recent content segmentation trends and the power of targeted messaging

You'll hear from Nicole Sturgill, research director at CEB TowerGroup and Chris Welch, who leads the highly-regulated practice at Bazaarvoice. 

Rebuilding credibility and loyalty with the digital customer

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