Maximize your social currency: How consumer feedback drives sales

Social has put the consumer forever in charge.

Interacting with consumer via social – done well – is like money in the bank.

Online reviews, Q&A and photo sharing give shoppers more information than ever. Shoppers now demand first-person input about everything they buy – everywhere they shop.

So how do you make the most of this user-generated content?

Watch our series of five webcasts to learn how user-generated content:

  • Increases sales, online, in stores and via mobile
  • Innovates features and products customers really want
  • Improves consumer trust
  • Makes marketing programs more effective
  • Gets you closer to your customers
  • Drives measurable ROI that proves the power of the customer voice
  • Gets you recognized and promoted

These webcasts – available now! – give you the real story about user-generated content and how it can change your organization for the better.

On-demand Webinars

9 Myths of Consumer Content You’re Still Falling For – BUSTED!

Think you know everything about user-generated content? In this session, we bust the top 9 myths about customer reviews you are (likely) still falling for.

If you believe any of these…

  • Negative reviews will kill my business
  • Nobody wants to review my products
  • Only products sold online benefit from reviews

… this is a can’t-miss session!

Making the Most of Conversations with Consumers

You’ve got customer reviews and Q&A: Now what? Attend this session to learn real-world strategies to:

  • Get your customers talking – more reviews build more trust.
  • Put user-generated content to work on your site. Customer comments drive organic traffic directly to your product pages.
  • Infuse all your marketing and sales channels with customers’ trusted keywords – in stores, ads, via mobile and more!

Show and Tell: Appeal to Both Sides of the Brain to Drive Sales

Customer ratings provide the left-brain confirmation of a buying decision. Social media provides the right-brain visual, emotive spark through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. People who love your brand can't help but share!

See how Bazaarvoice Curations lets these voices live together on your site, to turn shoppers into buyers.

Motivating Google with User-Generated Content

Search engine optimization is the cornerstone of great online product marketing. The good news is, user-generated content helps attract buyers to your site using language that’s familiar!

Attend this session to understand:

  • How to maximize user-generated content for product- and category-level online sales
  • How UGC is uniquely qualified to drive great Google results
  • How Friskies wins big with UGC in SEO

How UGC Becomes Real Dollars (and How to Demonstrate ROI to Your Boss)

Social and the consumer voice have changed marketing forever – but marketers still must measure ROI every step of the way.

User-generated content can have a great impact on business, and this session shows you how to prove it!

  • Benchmarks and key performance metrics to tie UGC to conversion
  • The offline impact of UGC
  • Driving value and ROI internally


Maximize your social currency: How consumer feedback drives sales

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