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About BodyGuardz

BodyGuardz, founded in 2002, is committed to offering top-quality mobile- device protection products. The company prides itself on providing products, service, and delivery that customers notice is a step above the rest. BodyGuardz product lines include ScreenGuardz screen protectors, UltraTough Clear Skins full-body films, Armor decorative skins, cases for smartphones and tablets, and Earjax listening accessories.

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The #1 reason people buy BodyGuardz protection products for mobile devices is quality. The #2 reason? Consumer reviews.

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Build on BodyGuardz’ successful use of reviews by extending reviews beyond the company’s website.


Use Bazaarvoice Conversations to syndicate reviews to retailers and incorporate reviews into marketing materials.


Significantly improve conversion rates, increase review volume, and build stronger relationships with retailers.

“Customer reviews are vital to our success at BodyGuardz,” says Whitney Pye, Director of Marketing. “They provide that extra credibility that not only do we believe in our products, but our customers do, too.”

Reviews have been a key part of more than a decade of impressive growth for BodyGuardz, which started in 2002 with a small line of screen protectors. Today, the company provides thousands of protection products to mobile device users worldwide and recently earned a place on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing companies.

BodyGuardz began working with Bazaarvoice in 2013 after realizing the limitations of its original review program, which confined reviews to the company’s website. Bazaarvoice has enabled the company to share reviews through other channels, too.

Syndicating reviews to spread the word — and support the retailer

The opportunity to syndicate was the main reason BodyGuardz made the switch to Bazaarvoice. Syndication allows the company to share review content with consumers through the retail channel. So instead of being able to see product reviews only on the BodyGuardz website, consumers can also see them when they’re making buying decisions at another key point of purchase.

Syndication is also “extremely helpful in showing we support our retail partners’ success, and in reinforcing our relationship,” says Pye. “We were even able to show executives at one of our retailers reviews from their own employees that emphasized their sales associates strongly believed in our product.”

BodyGuardz also uses reviews in the ongoing effort to recruit more retailers to sell BodyGuardz products. They use reviews in brochures and sales sheets to retailers to make a strong case to get their products into retailers’ online and offline stores. Their strategy is often to first prove sales on a retailer’s website, and then build on that success to move into stores as well.

Sharing reviews in marketing materials

Another way in which BodyGuardz has increased the value of reviews is to use them in marketing efforts, including online banners and ads, emails, social channels, and product packaging. A successful YouTube video features a collection of video reviews and snippets from online reviews.

While star ratings – which were unavailable with BodyGuardz’ previous review program – have been great for conversion during the shopping process, the company has found sharing customer testimonials to be effective as a marketing tool and will be testing star ratings in marketing materials now that these are available. “We use customer quotes more than star ratings in our marketing materials,” says Pye.

Using Bazaarvoice best practices to boost review volume 646%

Because reviews are so important to BodyGuardz’ business, the company is constantly looking for ways to generate more reviews. Since launching Bazaarvoice Conversations, they’ve seen outstanding results:

  • 646% lift in review volume
  • 121% lift in conversion rate from people who interact with reviews
  • 81% lift in revenue per visit from people who interact with reviews (versus those who don’t)

Pye credits Bazaarvoice best practices such as post-interaction email (PIE) and customer promotions for the growth in review volume. “When we implemented PIE immediately after we launched Bazaarvoice Conversations, we saw a lift in review volume,” she says.

The company also held a giveaway to support the launch of ratings and reviews, offering reviewers a chance to win an iPad mini. “It was a great tactic for getting the review program off the ground,” says Pye. “And we definitely want to do it again to generate more positive reviews.”

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