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About Probikeshop is an online bike store selling full bikes and cycling accessories. Its ever-increasing, ever more specialized product index, professional and efficient customer service, and swift delivery have all ensured its reputation continues to grow. Covering the worlds of MTB, BMX, and road cycling, it currently offers over 50,000 products in stock and over 500 brands.


Probikeshop turned to Bazaarvoice to better engage its passionate consumer base. By interacting with its customers, Probikeshop has seen an 81% lift in conversions for people interacting with Questions and Answers and a 198% lift in conversion for those interacting with Ratings and Reviews.

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Drive more sales by reinforcing customer confidence in buying sophisticated, technology-driven bikes and cycling products.


Use Bazaarvoice solutions and services to collect consumer-generated content (CGC) to efficiently support an information-intensive purchase decision.


Fully leverage CGC and brand information as valuable strategic assets for driving sales; support internal resources with strategic guidance and implementation assistance from Bazaarvoice.

An online source for bikes and cycling accessories that’s growing in popularity across Europe, Probikeshop is committed to reinforcing customer confidence in buying sophisticated technology-driven products. With the goal of engaging and interacting with customers regularly, Probikeshop was looking for efficient and scalable ways to make their customers part of the information-intensive purchase process.

Turning to Bazaarvoice, Probikeshop wanted innovative solutions to capture and share consumer-generated content (CGC) about the products it sells. The company knew it had passionate consumers and wanted to better engage its advocates to provide a valuable and rewarding experience for them.

“All the decisions we make are based on the need to provide our customers with a high quality of service,” says Kévin DIOT, Market Manager, Probikeshop. “Bazaarvoice worked closely with us to provide a complete program that addresses our specific business needs.”

This complete program includes Bazaarvoice Conversations, with its Ratings and Reviews and Questions and Answers components; Bazaarvoice Connections, which engages the manufacturers and brands that Probikeshop sells; and strategic guidance from Bazaarvoice Professional Services to implement an optimized program to meet Probikeshop’s goals.

Building a community of active fans

The Bazaarvoice Professional Services team and Probikeshop began with a series of meetings to explore the retailer’s business in depth. It quickly became apparent that Probikeshop’s greatest strength is an avid base of customer advocates.

Understanding this strength, Probikeshop created an online community where advocates could share their passion – attracting new customers and complementing the efforts of the company’s marketing and customer service teams.

Probikeshopezvous is now an online destination where Probikeshop invites customers to write reviews and answer questions about products online as well as share their experiences on social media. Probikeshop recognizes their efforts by awarding points and badges for activities.

In addition to engaging consumers through Probikeshopezvous, Bazaarvoice Professional Services recommended that Probikeshop tap into this enthusiastic fan base through a post-interaction email (PIE) program in which the company follows up every sale with an email asking the customer to submit a review. Probikeshop’s response rate on launching the program was 6.6%, far higher than the established benchmark of 2.7%.

“Our clients are very enthusiastic. They help each other and we want to thank them – it’s that simple,” says Kévin DIOT.

Creating more CGC to help consumers buy with confidence

Probikeshop customers write reviews and ask questions on the ecommerce site, enabling the company to provide consumers with all the product information they need to buy with confidence. In fact, Probikeshop customers were very enthusiastic and submitted a greater number of questions than expected. To provide the best experience possible for its customers and answer questions as quickly as possible, Probikeshop implemented the Ask a Product Owner feature of Bazaarvoice Questions and Answers.

Ask a Product Owner gives the company a way to tap into the vast store of product knowledge among its community of advocates. When a question comes in about a particular product, an automatic email goes out to customers in Probikeshop’s database of recent buyers of the product to ask them to answer it.

Initial results of the Ask a Product Owner feature implementation have been impressive. It has increased answers to questions by 1250%, generating an average of two answers for every question, and cut the average time to answer in half. There’s been a notable impact on conversion, with visitors converting to customers 13% more often when they’ve engaged specifically with questions answered by the Ask a Product Owner feature.

Perhaps most importantly, Ask a Product Owner provides another way to engage customers and create a community on Probikeshop’s website. When the Bazaarvoice program started, 65% of answers were coming from Probikeshop. Since the launch of Ask a Product Owner, 67% of answers come from customers, allowing Probikeshop to engage with its advocates in a meaningful way.

Overall, Probikeshop has seen an 81% lift in conversions for people interacting with Questions and Answers and a 198% lift in conversion for those interacting with Ratings and Reviews.

“Customers exert a powerful influence on other customers making confident choices,” says Kévin DIOT.

Bringing in brands through Bazaarvoice Connections

With their intimate knowledge of product features, a retailer’s supplier brands have an important part to play in the process of providing information to help customers feel confident about their product buying decisions. Courting brands’ engagement can pay off big for retailers.

Realizing the impact of having brands participate on their site, Probikeshop participated in the Bazaarvoice Brand Invite solution, which sent out a series of three emails on Probikeshop’s behalf to manufacturers and brands to encourage them to participate in the Bazaarvoice Connections program and start answering consumer questions on Probikeshop’s website. Brands responded with nearly one-third of invitees registering to participate in the program.

Seeing this success and wanting to increase participation in Connections, Probikeshop category managers conducted their own outreach to their supplier brands, explaining the program one-by-one to each brand. This outreach, which showcased the mutual benefits of participation in Bazaarvoice Connections, increased brands’ engagement rate more than 60%. Within just the first month, brands had answered 122 questions from Probikeshop shoppers.

“The support from a Bazaarvoice team focused on the Brand Invites component significantly helped and led to very good results from the first request,” said Kévin DIOT. “Our aim now is to optimize the program by further increasing brand responsiveness, and Bazaarvoice experts are also a tremendous help in this area.”

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