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More than a decade after revolutionizing hairstyling with the launch of its first styler, ghd® remains true to its founding ethos: the spirit of transformation. In addition to its iconic stylers, which continue to be a cult must-have for women in search of beautiful hair, ghd® has launched a range of hair dryers and curlers, as well as ghd® styling products and a collection of professional brushes to complete the ghd® range.

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ghd® implemented Bazaarvoice Conversations to provide impartial information to make it easier for consumers to select products and improve conversion. They achieved those things – and much more.

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Maximize the impact of user-generated content on ghd’s business.


Use Bazaarvoice Conversations and Bazaarvoice Curations to produce customer content that ghd® can use to increase positive brand awareness.


Gather and share customer content to increase conversion, validate marketing messages and help ensure that products are well received.

When ghd® implemented Bazaarvoice Conversations in 2013, the UK-based hair products company’s goal was to provide impartial information to make it easier for consumers to select products. They reasoned this would be a good way to improve conversion. They achieved exactly what they set out to – and much more.

“We’ve experienced a 30% uplift in conversion as a result of having Ratings and Reviews content on product pages in the UK,” says Rob Pye, General Manager of “and even more in secondary markets in other countries, where we’re seeing anywhere from a 35% to 127% uplift in conversion when people interact with reviews.”

The conversion improvement has turned out to be just one of many benefits of working with Bazaarvoice, which also include being able to deeply personalize user experiences, shape and validate marketing messages, and gauge customer sentiment soon after products launch – if not before.

Personalizing Content to Enable Precise Product Choices

In the nearly two years since ghd® started collecting customer reviews, the company has amassed a tremendous volume of reviews reflecting the experiences of a broad range of consumers.

By applying content filtering features available with Conversations, ghd® enables consumers to locate reviews based on their own personal preferences and experiences.

“People can drill down into review content based on a variety of filters, including hair type, length, age range, gender and more,” says Pye. “Then the program actually recalculates the review score based on the filtering so that consumers get extremely specific content that relates directly to them and their needs.”

Shaping and Validating Marketing Messages

ghd® uses qualitative customer feedback from reviews to identify common benefits of products and roll that information into marketing messages.

“Consumer content from Bazaarvoice Conversations provides not only an invaluable touchpoint for messages, but also a validation mechanism,” explains Pye. “If we make a claim in our marketing messaging, we can back it up with customer experiences.”

For example, when ghd® claimed that the ghd air®, the company’s professional-performance hair dryer, dries hair exceptionally fast, consumer reviews backed up the claim. Consumers commented on how much faster it dried their hair and how much time it saved them, validating what the marketing messages stated.

“Then we use the reviews themselves as part of the marketing,” says Pye. “We include them in everything from customers’ emails to salon posters.”

Bazaarvoice Curations adds yet another dimension of customer validation to ghd’s marketing. During the recent launch of a new curling product, customers submitted curly hairstyles they had created with the product. ghd® used Curations to showcase them together with social content from customers as well as product information from ghd.

“With Curations content on product pages, consumers can see what real people can actually achieve with the product,” says Pye. “That’s so much more compelling than a glossy model shot.”

Influencing and Gauging How Well Products Are Received

In secondary global markets where consumers aren’t as familiar with the ghd® brand, customer content has helped overcome barriers to market entry, ensuring a positive reception for the brand and its products.

“In countries where we have lower brand awareness, our price point can be a barrier,” says Pye. “Ratings and reviews break down that barrier by providing positive customer feedback to justify our price point and make it more likely that our products will be well- received.”

Next, ghd® is planning to use Bazaarvoice Sampling more extensively to get early feedback on products and collect positive reviews to use in product launches.

“We’re introducing a new process where we will always launch with reviews, which is possible only with sampling,” says Pye. “It’s the only way to get reviews ahead of a launch and include them in as part of our launch communications.”

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