Conrad’s review program significantly increases conversion rates


By enabling website visitors to share opinions, Conrad has experienced an incredible increase in conversion rates.

  • Converting website visitors into customers
  • Turning buyers into reviewers
  • Attracting test reviewers at an astonishing rate
  • A huge amount of reviews – and aiming for more

As one of the largest online retailers in Germany, increasing website conversion rates is a key objective for Conrad. By enabling website visitors to share opinions and engage with each other, the company has experienced an incredible increase in conversion rates. This was achieved by implementing its review programme with Bazaarvoice in 2009, which drives the conversion of website visitors into customers and buyers into reviewers.

Drawing on best practice from Bazaarvoice, the programme was also supported by a successful post-purchase email campaign that fostered a high volume of reviews and customer engagement.

Converting website visitors into customers

For Conrad, the conversion rate of online store visitors who read ratings and reviews is more than twice as high as for those who do not.

“We introduced ratings and reviews because we were convinced that our customers’ opinions would help others with their buying decisions,” says Katja Klafka, Social Media Marketing Manager at Conrad. “The data tells us our assumptions were correct.”

Conrad’s product review initiative has enabled top brand advocates to share their opinions openly on the company’s website, where the average rating for their products is very good. Conrad is extending the reach of these positive reviews by publishing their customer-contributed content beyond the website, into other channels such as catalogues and in-store shelf tags.

Turning buyers into reviewers

It’s important to Conrad to keep review volume and product coverage high, to give customers more authentic opinions to consider in their decision-making journey. Large amounts of content also provide Conrad’s internal teams with access to important customer insights. To support this, Conrad operates a post-interaction email programme to stimulate community engagement and drive review volume.

The post-interaction email campaign had two phases. Conrad initially emailed all customers who made a purchase in the preceding couple of months to encourage them to write reviews. The process was then automated for new customer purchases, with automated emails sent to customers post-purchase to solicit their opinions.

Conrad has seen an exceptional response to the programme.

According to Klafka, “post-interaction email is our most powerful instrument for gathering ratings and reviews and driving our customer community. The response rate to these emails is a lot higher than other marketing newsletters.”

Attracting test reviewers at an astonishing rate

One of Conrad’s strongest strategies for being more customer-centric is to invite their most trusted reviewers to test new products and post their opinions about them online. This strategy enables Conrad’s loyal customers to enjoy early access to products and to share their product insights with other customers and with Conrad. The result is both higher review volume and increased brand loyalty, as customers respond to being rewarded for their high levels of engagement with the Conrad brand.

Conrad uses the information from these testers’ reviews to correct any issues that might arise with the products at an early stage – and, in some cases, to make the decision to drop a product because of poor reviews.

“Test reviews also enable us to give feedback to our suppliers, so they can respond with product improvements or other action on their side,” says Klafka.

A huge amount of reviews – and aimingfor more

After a little more than two years of having ratings and reviews online, Conrad has already accumulated a six-digit number of reviews, driving natural search benefit, community engagement, and customer insight. According to Klafka, this just provides the company with the incentive to do more.

“We want to increase the number of reviews and the number of products reviewed in order to make us a smarter, more customer-centric company,” she says. “To help achieve that, we plan on adding other elements of the Bazaarvoice platform to our efforts, such as engaging our suppliers and having customers share stories.”

The bottom line

Conrad has had extremely successful results from its programme for customer ratings and reviews, from a considerable increase in conversion rate to a very high response rate for post-interaction email to solicit more reviews. Review content gives Conrad’s customers more information with which to make decisions and also provides Conrad with valuable insights into customer buying behaviour.

About Conrad

Since 1923 Conrad has been standing for electronics and technology.

The Bavarian family-owned company is a strong and innovative partner which offers reliable and quality services for business customers, final consumers and specialists.

The product range of more than 220,000 articles contains the smallest electronic components to tools, and to the latest consumer electronic and computer and communication technology, a fascinating variety of products from leading manufacturers and qualified exclusive brands.

All products and services are obtainable on the internet at, through catalogues and in the Conrad stores.

The online shop has on average 6 million visits per month and therefore it belongs to the top ten most visited online shops in Germany.

Conrad Electronic provides its business customers their own online shop at conrad. biz, a 24-hour delivery service, business catalogues, eProcurement solutions and sales representatives. In the 25 stores within Germany the customers are very well-advised and offered individual services.

Conrad is an international group of companies with its own national companies and distribution partners in 17 countries throughout Europe.

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