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About Kabrita

Kabrita’s story began in 1897, when the company’s first factory started to process the high quality milk from its farms into specialized dairy products for the Dutch Market. Today the Kabrita parent group Hyproca Nutrition produces a large range of dairy products, including goat milk formulas, for customers worldwide.

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Kabrita leverages Bazaarvoice Conversations to harness the power of the customer voice to educate and persuade health-conscious moms.

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Persuade mothers that formula made with goat milk is a naturally easy-to-digest choice with many related health benefits, and that goat milk formula from Kabrita is the best choice for their children.


Use Bazaarvoice Conversations to collect and publish customers’ product reviews and to gather actionable insights.


Couple the power of the voice of moms with facts and information to compellingly communicate the benefits of Kabrita to healthconscious mothers.

Who do moms listen to when they’re trying to choose the healthiest formula to feed their babies? In Kabrita’s experience, the answer is other moms - hands down. The manufacturer of naturally easy-to-digest goat milk products knew that to persuade moms of the health benefits of its formulas, the message would have to come not just from Kabrita, but from its customers – the other moms who are such trusted sources of information about healthy foods for babies.

Kabrita’s challenge was tough. The company had to first persuade health-conscious moms of the benefits of packaged goat milk formulas and also communicate the benefits of its own formulas in particular. To accomplish these aims, Kabrita relies on a combination of scientific research, educational information and consumer testimonials in the form of reviews.

“When you think about the power of a mom saying ‘my baby didn’t sleep until I switched to Kabrita,’ there’s a huge story to tell there,” says Simona Irwin, Director of Sales. “And when you couple that with education and research that support the mom’s statement, you end up with a very compelling offering.”

Harnessing the persuasive power of customer reviews

Prior to partnering with Bazaarvoice, Kabrita had a lot of positive anecdotal feedback from customers, but it didn’t have a good way to show moms what other moms were saying. The company adopted a consumer-generated content program to build awareness among consumers, grow trust with customers, and encourage trial of its products.

Kabrita now relies on Bazaarvoice Conversations to collect and publish reviews from customers about their positive experiences with Kabrita goat milk formulas. The company has consistently generated high review volume since beginning the program in early 2016, and enjoys an impressive 4.9 average star rating on its products, with 99% of parents saying they would recommend Kabrita. To reach a wide audience with the reviews, Kabrita publishes them on its own website and syndicates them to retailers who sell Kabrita products.

Kabrita’s use of consumer-generated content to promote products has also led to a level of industry recognition in branding and marketing communications normally reserved for much larger companies. One example: Kabrita recently beat out Coca-Cola and MasterCard for PR Daily’s Digital PR & Social Media Award for content marketing / brand journalism.

Providing reliable information to overcome misconceptions

The use of goat milk formula is common in many countries around the world, but relatively new to the US, and misconceptions abound. For example, some health-conscious mothers accept that goat milk formula may be healthier for their babies than cow’s milk – but may also think that making their own formula at home is better than using a packaged formula.

“Our hurdle is to educate both about the gentle properties and benefits of goat milk formula generally, and about Kabrita, because we have benefits some other products may not,” says Irwin. “To accomplish this, we’re growing our database of research about our products, and we’re sharing customers’ stories on our website and retailer sites.”

In addition to using Bazaarvoice Ratings and Reviews to enable customers to share their firsthand experiences, Kabrita uses the Questions and Answers component of the Bazaarvoice solution to answer shopper questions. The answers to individual questions live on in the review content, providing other shoppers with useful information about its products.

CGC helps Kabrita build relationships with influencers and channel partners

When Kabrita approaches retailers about selling its goat milk baby formulas, or talks to healthcare professionals about educating patients about the benefits of the products, Bazaarvoice reviews provide the ability to offer analytics in addition to the powerful stories from customers.

For example, the submission form that customers use to send reviews to Kabrita includes questions about specific problems or experiences they had with using cow’s milk formula.

“We can show doctors that a specific percentage of the moms who completed the review had issues like eczema or congestion or some other symptom associated with sensitivity to cow’s milk, and that it resolved when they switched to Kabrita,” says Irwin.

Kabrita’s success with collecting compelling customer reviews and stories, in combination with additional information and research, has enabled the company to increase its presence on retailer sites and in a growing number of stores. By collecting and syndicating the content, Kabrita now has thousands of reviews on major retail chain sites, which helps strengthen the relationships between Kabrita and sellers of their products.

Extending the reach of CGC

To reach its extensive target audience of consumers, retail partners and healthcare professionals, Kabrita uses consumer-generated content from reviews in a variety of channels beyond just its own website and retailer sites.

The company highlights consumer-generated content in banner ads, social media and product brochures, and in conversations with retail partners, and plans to include it on packaging, too.

“Our intention is to leverage reviews as much as possible because we think they’re very powerful,” says Irwin. “We’ve had lots of consumers say to us, ‘we read the reviews and they’re amazing, and that’s why I tried this.’

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