Bare Escentuals sends sales soaring with the voice of the customer

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Bare Escentuals engages with customers with product reviews, questions and answers, and customer stories.

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Listen to the customer and use insights to improve business performance.


Generate customer content through Bazaarvoice Conversations and share it across all channels.


  • 53% increase in sales per session on the site.
  • 14% higher average order value for emails with UGC.
  • 7.5x increase in traffic and double-digit growth in conversion for star-rated products in the “Most Wanted” category on the site.

Since partnering with Bazaarvoice in 2010, Bare Escentuals has taken every opportunity to participate in conversations with customers – from product reviews, to questions and answers on products, to customer stories.

In the process, they have become market leaders in learning from and leveraging the voice of the customer. Through syndication of online user-generated content for integrated marketing campaigns, the Bare Escentuals team has built an enthusiastic community of girlfriends, an omnichannel experience for consumers and a feedback loop for product innovation.

Bare Escentuals uses the power of Bazaarvoice Conversations to foster strong customer relationships, improve products, build more effective marketing and increase sales. In fact, reports a 53% increase in sales per session, 38% increase in order conversion and 11% increase in average order valueamong visitors who interact with user-generated content on the North American site.

Consumers on the United Kingdom site also rely strongly on customer reviews before purchase, with a 137% increase in sales per session, 106% increase in order conversion and 15% increase in average order value when interacting with user-generated content.

A new sales force for marketing more effectively

As the recipient of dozens of reader’s choice awards from top beauty publications like Glamour, Elle and Allure, year after year, Bare Escentuals always valued customer opinion as an indicator of performance. Now with Bazaarvoice, the company embraces customer feedback online – and syndicates it across offline channels, creating a powerful new sales force.

Integrated Campaigns:

Bare Escentuals recently took products identified as “Most Wanted” – the customer’s top-rated items, based on reviews – and integrated them into a holistic marketing campaign across the customer experience. The “Most Wanted” campaign was widely promoted online, through ads and in retail-store signage. When the company added the “Most Wanted” page to top navigation on the website, the result was a 7.5x increase in page traffic and double-digit growth in conversion.

Marketing efficiency:

Email marketing communications with user-generated content continually outperforms communications without it for Bare Escentuals, delivering on average, a 15% higher open rate and 14% higher average order value.

Embracing advocates:

In one memorable promotion, the company sent 100+ qualified FAB community members a free makeup bag containing Ready Foundation in each member’s particular shade autographed by Executive Chairman, Leslie Blodgett along with a Precision Face Brush and a note from Leslie. FAB members responded by posting 49 out of the 53 (92%) reviews about READY Foundation in the first couple days after receiving email asking for their feedback. Reviews in the first couple days surrounding the product launch were overwhelmingly positive, and the product launched well; it’s now performing 35% above forecast.

Creating better products by listening to customers

User-generated content influences more than marketing and sales of Bare Escentuals products; it actually helps make products better.

Recently, after introducing a new eyeliner, the company saw a sudden drop in positive responses after a few weeks. The product team quickly discerned from review content the eyeliner pencil was too soft to sharpen. The team worked with research and development teams to reformulate the product in time for the holiday buying season. “When you’re open to feedback, it’s not always positive,” according to Theresa Fung, eCommerce Content Specialist for Bare Escentuals. “But we see that as a great opportunity to make changes for the better.”

In pursuit of constant improvement

Always looking for new and better ways to connect with customers and others who seek out the Bare Escentuals brand, the company is currently exploring Bazaarvoice for other social capabilities through the mobile display.

The marketing team is also planning a story campaign in conjunction with a new skin care product launch. The team plans to pull the social campaign across the full customer experience – online, social and syndicated through the in-store experience.

About Bare Escentuals

The Bare Escentuals brand represents love, understanding and community. Bare Escentuals encouraged women to take a leap and try something so unique, so unlike anything they’ve experienced. It started with the idea that makeup could actually be considered skincare, and that got people talking. A makeup that could be good for you? The Bare Escentuals community was born. The company became friends with customers, forging deep, personal connections simply by listening and sharing stories.

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