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Created in 2010, Univers-Running sells over 4,000 different road, race and trail running items on its Univers-running.com website, all of which have been systematically bested by in-house experts, and which include leading brand names from the running world. The site is currently ranked number two in this sector in France.

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Univers-Running.com has seen a 110% uplift in the conversion rate among online visitors who interact with Ratings and Reviews or Questions and Answers.

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Transcend the limitations of Univers-Running’s existing program for ratings and reviews.


Roll out Bazaarvoice Conversations to collect richer, more in-depth user-generated content.


Create a compelling online experience that builds customer loyalty to the Univers-Running brand.

In the tremendously competitive market for running equipment, retailer Univers-Running counts on Bazaarvoice Conversations to help consistently win repeat business and keep ahead of the pack. The company uses solutions like Bazaarvoice Ratings and Reviews and Questions and Answers to collect in-depth information from customers, then builds a compelling, customized online experience on that information.

“By giving voice to our customers and providing them with specialized expertise in highly technical products, we’re able to strengthen their attachment to our brand,” explains Arnaud Wolak, Managing Partner, Univers-Running. “We also look to customer-generated content to spot trends and optimize our product offerings accordingly.”

In addition, the consumer generated content collected recreates an in-store experience online for its customers. “Through the solutions offered by Bazaarvoice, we wanted to promote the exchange between customers, let them interact with intuitive and easy material to take charge of,” said Pauline Colasse, Marketing Manager, Univers-Running. “Actually, we have virtually recreated the atmosphere that can be found in a specialist running retail.”

Their customers are reacting positively. Since implementing Bazaarvoice, Univers-Running.com has seen a 110% uplift in the conversion rate among online visitors who interact with Ratings and Reviews or Questions and Answers compared with those who don’t.

Conducting more meaningful conversations

With the Bazaarvoice Ratings and Reviews feature, Univers-Running website visitors can offer rich feedback and insights to the company, as well as provide in-depth information that helps create a more personalized shopping experience for other visitors.

“We worked with another review solution previously, but it was too simple,” says Arnaud Wolak. “Bazaarvoice goes much further than collecting average ratings and overall reviews. For example, instead of just providing overall feedback, customers can evaluate products based on specific criteria, such as the comfort, dynamism and support of a particular shoe.”

The company is also able to customize the evaluation criteria depending on product type. Visitors can then filter reviews by these criteria to see what’s being said about product features that are important to them. In addition, customers are able to drop photos and videos into their reviews to enrich their feedback further. And they can ask the running equipment experts at Univers-Running questions about the products, allowing company leaders to provide answers to customers in the buying funnel and quickly ascertain where the company needs to do a better job of communicating product characteristics and other information.

Unlike the company’s previous review solution, Bazaarvoice Conversations allows anyone who visits the site to add a review – not just visitors who have purchased a product via the website. This is possible due to Bazaarvoice’s Authenticity Policy, which is supported with industry-leading fraud detection technology that makes it possible to identify the submission source for all reviews. In addition, moderation teams identify, flag and report suspicious content, and a dedicated team of analysts scrutinizes suspicious reviews to determine their authenticity.

“We particularly appreciate the consultants and engineers who provide us with personalized service and innovative solutions to meet all of our needs,” says Pauline Colasse.

Using moderation and analytics to improve the customer experience

As part of the Bazaarvoice Conversations solution, a team of moderators closely screens and tags customer-generated content for important insights and to flag problem areas that require attention. This helps Univers-Running streamline their customer service process and provides actionable insights to improve operational effectiveness.

“Bazaarvoice moderation, combined with the Advanced Content Tagging analytics tool, has transformed how we identify and respond to opportunities to make improvements,” says Arnaud Wolak. “We’re able to identify unsatisfying products and tag them for optimization, see where to modify product descriptions to correct errors that customers have pointed out and pull valuable customer intelligence from product returns.”

Benefiting from strategic consulting services

Univers-Running has seen quick success with Bazaarvoice due to the strategic consulting services provided. Bazaarvoice supports its software with this services during the implementation process to align the software and launch tactics the company’s business to maximize the early success and enhance the overall value of the solutions. Univers-Running worked with the strategic consulting team to put a plan in place measured with clear key performance indicators, KPIs, to determine success. Pauline Colasse calls the strategic consulting team “a quality team on which we can really count,” calling particular attention to weekly progress meetings and regular reports that keep everything moving forward when several projects are in play at once.

Taking the next step with content syndication

Univers-Running is looking forward to implementing a content syndication program that will bring reviews from product brands to the retailer’s website.

“With content syndication as an additional source of user-generated content, we’ll further reduce the barriers to purchase,” says Arnaud Wolak. “We’re also looking to take part in the Bazaarvoice Connections program that allows product brands to contact customers directly from the Univers-Running.com website.”

The company also envisions developing a team of brand ambassadors who will share their candid reviews, answer questions online and otherwise interact with potential customers to promote the Univers-Running brand.

“The idea is to have an open exchange among customers with minimum intervention from us,” says Pauline Colasse. “That’s the ultimate goal.”

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