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Sleep Revolution is a leader in a broad category of comfort related products. The company is currently’s leading supplier in the mattress category and has served as a benchmark for many other companies, demonstrating how to most effectively sell mattresses online. In 2010, Sleep Revolution was awarded the first ever “Vendor of the Year” award for their work with and the popular Spa Sensations® mattress line.


Sleep Revolution sought to engage in more meaningful, relevant, and mutually beneficial conversations with millions of customers across the globe. Harnessing the customer voice resulted in increased sales, decreased support costs, invaluable insights and a brand new product line.

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Find ways to more meaningfully engage with customers while they’re shopping online to improve support, influence sales, and gain critical insights.


Bring credible Sleep Revolution voices to retail partner sites to connect with customers, address questions/ concerns, and gain direct access to consumer sentiment.


  • Increase sales in retail channels.
  • Reduce calls and costs to Customer Support.
  • Gain ongoing insights informing product and marketing improvements.

Sleep Revolution is a leading manufacturer of comfort sleeping products such as mattresses, pillows, sleep foundations, and slippers. Over the years, Sleep Revolution has partnered with some of the biggest and best names in retail including Walmart, Costco, Macy’s, Sears, and many more.

While Sleep Revolution’s success is built on many factors, at the core of their brand promise is a dedication to superior customer service. The company understands that continuous improvement and consumer satisfaction require an open, ongoing dialog with customers.

As a brand selling primarily through retailers, Sleep Revolution was faced with a common challenge shared by many manufacturers – finding ways to more meaningfully engage with end customers outside of their own properties and standard support channels. While the company may hear from customers needing support post-purchase through email or their call center, Sleep Revolution sought to find a way to connect with customers earlier in the purchase process in order to provide premium customer service at every stage of the shopping journey.

Furthermore, Sleep Revolution had limited access to consumer data related to who’s ultimately buying their products, and what’s being said about their brand. These critical insights drive R&D, Marketing, and many other areas of the business, and not having access made it extremely difficult to identify areas for improvement, new product opportunities, and ways to enhance marketing.

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Upon hearing about some of Bazaarvoice clients’ past successes, Sleep Revolution’s Dorothy Schiller, Director of Marketing at Sleep Revolution, identified a valuable opportunity to connect with customers at the point of purchase intent – when they’re researching and buying through retail partners. In October, 2011, Sleep Revolution launched Bazaarvoice Connections, allowing them to join consumer conversations on partner retail sites within the Bazaarvoice network. The program was kicked off by partnering with, a top retail partner curious to test out Connections to see if it would result in a positive impact on sales.

Through Connections, Sleep Revolution was able to easily view and address consumer questions and concerns with a branded response directly on, where some of their products have amassed nearly 3,000 reviews. Sleep Revolution now had direct access to consumer sentiment, from which they could learn and integrate insights derived into all areas of their business.


After launching Bazaarvoice Connections, Sleep Revolution experienced benefits that touched all corners of the organization. For instance:

1. Increased Sales 35%

In launching their Spa Sensations® brand and proactively responding to consumers on, Sleep Revolution quickly saw an uplift in purchases and ultimately realized an astonishing 35% increase in sales.

2. Decreased support costs by 50%

By addressing consumer questions on, Sleep Revolution helped build a living FAQ to aide future customers who may have questions that have already been asked. This not only gives the Sleep Revolution brand a halo of customer centricity, but also removes the need -- and costs -- for future shoppers to contact Sleep Revolution’s call centers.

Noticing that many questions were being repeated, Sleep Revolution was able to update product descriptions to proactively address frequently asked questions. Furthermore, the company was able to build training guides and modify procedures to improve support efficiency. As a result, since launching Bazaarvoice Connections, calls to the Sleep Revolution Customer Support Center have been cut by 50%.

“Proactively addressing questions upfront removes the need for customers to contact our support center, provides the immediate answers that customers desire and, most importantly, minimizes, unhappy customers on the backend.” - Dorothy Schiller, Director of Marketing, Sleep Revolution

3. Improved marketing with customer insights

Analyzing the flood of ratings, reviews, questions and answers, Sleep Revolution was able to uncover invaluable insights. For example:

a. Mattress firmness: Many shoppers were concerned with not being able to experience mattress firmness when buying online. Sleep Revolution responded to this concern by developing a “Mattress Finder” with Walmart, relating mattress firmness to various tangible things (e.g., a hammock, a firm pillow), and making suggestions for various types of sleepers.

b. Delivery method: Sleep Revolution’s mattresses are delivered in a box, with innovative compression technology. Unfortunately, this delivery method would often confuse recipients who would then publicly gripe, contact support, or refuse delivery altogether. Sleep Revolution identified the need to be more up front about the technology, and were able to successfully turn the perceived negative into a positive feature of the mattress by creating a video and highlighting the benefits of the boxed method early on.

c. Target marketing:
With newfound access to customer demographics, Sleep Revolution found that 80-85% of the time, women were purchasing their products. It was this insight that led Sleep Revolution to improve target marketing strategies and their products as more of a luxury purchase vs. a necessity. Sleep Revolution developed updated messaging which was integrated into all product-related copy. It was also one of the keys to the success of the popular Spa Sensations® collection.

4. Identify new opportunities

a. Market segment: Finally, the company has been able to use consumer content to identify previously unaddressed needs. For example, the first-time mattress purchaser/young professional is an audience that needs to be uniquely addressed with different marketing language, a different look in embroidering, and engineering of fabric.

b. Selling cycle: Furthermore, as a result of the insights offered from consumer ratings, reviews, and questions, Sleep Revolution was able to identify a completely new selling cycle – customers just getting out of college who are renting apartments for the first time and will need a mattress. The company brought this discovery to Walmart, who will be partnering with Sleep Revolution to update the merchandising schedule to address this newfound cycle.

Working with Bazaarvoice, Sleep Revolution sought to engage in more meaningful, relevant, and mutually beneficial conversations with millions of customers across the globe. Harnessing the customer voice resulted in increased sales, decreased support costs, invaluable insights and a brand new product line.

What’s next?

Launching a brand new product line will naturally generate much consumer feedback and questions, and Sleep Revolution sees Bazaarvoice Connections as critical to both collect and respond to this feedback. In doing so, they’ll be able to more efficiently fine-tune their recently launched VIVON line and develop related marketing initiatives.

Additionally, Sleep Revolution recently expanded their use of Connections to include Connections Premium. They’re excited to now be able to respond to reviews on retail partner sites, as well as answer questions.

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