Bazaarvoice technology: big, impactful, challenging

Bazaarvoice technology: big, impactful, challenging

Bazaarvoice connects brands, retailers and consumers in the world's largest shopper network, delivering ROI to our clients through product and service ratings and reviews, social media content curation, analytics and smart, targeted advertising.

Do you dream big?

When it comes to technology, we’re among the biggest out there.

With millions of users of our platform and hundreds of millions of pieces of user-generated content delivered over the Bazaarvoice network, engineering at Bazaarvoice presents the best of challenges.

Join us and be part of a team whose responsibilities include:


Scaling to support incredible amounts of submission and display traffic

Problem solving to handle usage spikes; our load increases 3x during major shopping periods like Black Friday

Data mining for actionable, relevant insights for our clients from the mass of data we collect through our network


What we believe

Use the right tool for the right job
Build to serve
Build it to scale … massively
Embrace learning from failure
Have fun!