Bazaarvoice Data Reveals that iPad Shoppers Heat Up the Night

The Conversation Index, Volume 3 digs into 11+ million consumer conversations to show how ever-changing consumer buying behavior can help inform better brand decisions.

Bazaarvoice today released the third edition of The Conversation Index, its quarterly research series that turns social data into specific insight to help brands put consumers at the heart of their businesses. With access to more than 11 million customer conversations happening on brand sites each year, The Conversation Index pinpoints what consumers think of products, what is important to them and how they want to interact with brands and fellow consumers.

The Conversation Index, Volume 3: 30-Second Take-Aways

The latest edition of the Conversation Index moves beyond the standard “how can brands influence consumers” paradigm and asks, how can consumers instead influence brands so that they can best serve them? Insights gleaned from the study provide direction from consumers to brands on how to engage and support them online and in store. The Conversation Index, Volume 3 is immediately available with previous editions at The Conversation Index. Key findings include:

In-Store Shoppers Still Social

  • Half of consumers who give online feedback bought the product in a store versus online.In-store buyers aged 19 to 24 are more likely to go online to give their feedback for the products they purchase. The older the in-store shopper, the less likely he or she is to leave product feedback online.
  • Across the board, data shows that in-store shoppers are less satisfied with their purchases than those who buy online, including web, mobile and tablets. Purchasers aged 55 and older are much more satisfied with their online purchases versus those who make their purchases in a store.

Mobile Surges in the Evening - and iPad Rules the Night

Half of all mobile browsing and buying takes place after normal business hours.

  • In after-work hours, mobile visits map to non-mobile visits almost one to one.
  • From midnight to 5 am, the plurality of shoppers is using iPads, surpassing non-mobile, other tablet, and mobile usage during these hours.
  • iPad users also spend more time on sites than other visitors, averaging five minutes overall. This is three percent more time than computer users (4:50 onsite) and nearly 16% more time than other tablet and mobile users (4:19 onsite).

Facebook Users Choose Engagement over Shopping

Consumers that contribute on a brand’s site write differently than those who give feedback via Facebook.

  • Product opinions that are contributed on a brand’s site and shared to Facebook have a five percent higher rating, on average, compared to those that are not shared.
  • Opinions shared on a brand’s site are, on average, 48% longer than those written via Facebook.

Consumers Are Telling Brands What to Change

Twelve percent of all reviews include suggestions about how to improve products.

  • One-fifth (20%) of all four-star product reviews include comments from consumers who want to help brands turn four-star products into five-star products.
  • Eighty percent of all product suggestions are constructive, i.e. add value by outlining specific improvements and fully describe problems.
  • The biggest category of suggestions is Color/Style/Size/Wish (42.5% of all product suggestions). These indicate wishes from the customer but don’t indicate an actual problem with the product. In contrast, 14.5% indicate actual product flaws that need to be quickly addressed.

Comments on the News

  • “Bazaarvoice is relentlessly focused on helping our clients put customers at the heart of their businesses by integrating social data across their organizations. We have served more than 310 billion impressions of customer conversations to date across 210 countries and 24 languages. The massive pool of social data created by these conversations is transforming the way the Fortune 500 companies operate.” – Brett Hurt, Founder and CEO of Bazaarvoice.
  • “Every day, consumers share their opinions and experiences with other consumers – and brands. Smart brands take the data these conversations reveal and use it to learn more: more about what consumers think, feel, need, and want. The Conversation Index is a call to dig deep into what consumers really want. They are telling you – and the world – exactly what they want, right now." – Erin Mulligan Nelson, CMO of Bazaarvoice.

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