New Bazaarvoice Media Solutions Extends Platform to Enhance Clients' Investment in Paid Media

Bazaarvoice (NASDAQ: BV) today launched Bazaarvoice Media to develop solutions that enable advertisers to connect consumers with the most relevant word of mouth content about their brand, products, or services with precision, at scale, and across digital media.

Built on the Bazaarvoice platform, Bazaarvoice Media combines authentic word of mouth content with predictive social data about specific products, services, and the people who use them. Brands and media buyers can now create new connections and instantly match consumers with the most relevant, impactful word of mouth about products and brands from the people who share their same values, preferences, and concerns.

Bazaarvoice Media Leadership: Brant Barton, Donnovan Andrews

To serve this new market, Bazaarvoice has formed a media solutions development team led by its co-founder Brant Barton. Barton will oversee all Bazaarvoice Media initiatives to extend the Bazaarvoice platform to enhance clients' investments in paid media.

Barton is joined by new Bazaarvoice team member Donnovan Andrews who serves as the group’s vice president of Media Sales and Operations in New York. He is responsible for establishing strategic media partner relationships with agencies, brands, and retailers.

Andrews is a seasoned media and advertising executive who most recently was President of Firefly Video, where he launched the organization's online video advertising capability. He also served as Global Vice President of Strategic Development at Tribal Fusion and started his career with tenures at industry leaders like Deutsch and OMD.

Bazaarvoice Media: Turn Social Data Into Brand Relationships

For the past seven years, consumers around the world have shared their authentic experiences, preferences and concerns with each other – and brands – on the Bazaarvoice platform. This word of mouth content is highly trusted by consumers and is proven to drive measurable increases in sales and brand engagement.

Bazaarvoice Media aims to transform media by enabling brands to deeply understand consumers based on sentiment – feelings, motivators, and concerns in a specific context. This granular consumer knowledge combined with the opinions of loyal consumers allows brands to create connections between consumers based on common interests and attributes, and to engage target consumers with relevant, curated word of mouth content that is dynamically injected into paid media channels.

With Bazaarvoice Media, a retailer running a digital campaign for a new handbag will be able to instantly match a budget-aware shopper with authentic word of mouth about durability, and a fashion-forward consumer with social content about styling and color. A car manufacturer will be able to provide target consumers with other customers' feedback on safety – or style and horsepower – based on a complex understanding of who they are as a consumer and what they care about.

Bazaarvoice Advertising - New Partnerships, Real Results

The first offering in the Bazaarvoice Media portfolio delivers curated, product-specific social content into digital advertising. A pilot Bazaarvoice Media campaign for Microsoft Windows 7 successfully increased engagement, brand awareness, and purchase intent for the brand.

In February 2012, Bazaarvoice Media also announced an industry-first partnership with Microsoft Advertising and is slated to support all other major U.S. ad platforms and networks.

Comments on the News

  • “When Bazaarvoice launched in 2005, the industry was coming to terms with the new reality that consumers were increasingly ignoring traditional advertising. Our ability to harness and infuse word of mouth into site experiences, email, store, and channels has long been a driver of our success. With Bazaarvoice Media, we are coming full circle to help brands tackle paid media, by bringing relevant word of mouth to consumers wherever they are found. With Bazaarvoice Media, social content is liberated from a site to be presented at the right time, to the right consumers. This combination of content, data, and insight has huge benefits for consumers and brands.” – Brant Barton, GM Media Solutions, Bazaarvoice.
  • “Advertisers increasingly understand that consumers are extremely nuanced when it comes to what – and why – they’re buying products and services, and which information they trust most when making purchasing decisions. I recognized immediately that Bazaarvoice got that and could easily deliver complex, sentiment-based solutions that serve both consumers and advertisers in truly innovative and highly efficient ways.” – Donnovan Andrews, vice president of Media Sales and Operations, Bazaarvoice.

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