Bazaarvoice is the First Online Reviews Provider Certified by AFNOR for Managing Authentic Consumer Reviews

Austin, TX, February 24, 2014 — Bazaarvoice, Inc. (Nasdaq: BV), the network connecting brands and retailers to the authentic voices of consumers wherever they shop, is the first online reviews vendor to gain AFNOR Certification for compliance with Standard NF Z74-501, which defines the rules and procedures for the collection, moderation and display of authentic consumer reviews. Following an audit conducted by AFNOR Certification, Bazaarvoice is authorised to display the NF Service mark that certifies the company conforms to requirements intended to prevent the publication of fake reviews.
The AFNOR Certification and NF Service mark is evidence of Bazaarvoice's unwavering commitment to authentic reviews and our desire to safeguard an environment of trust between business and consumers,” said Aurélien Dubot, lead product strategist, EMEA, at Bazaarvoice. “We hope that the certification will be adopted by our clients and other online reviews providers and businesses in an effort to promote an industry-wide approach that leads to greater transparency and increased consumer confidence in online reviews.”
The NF Service mark has an 85% awareness rate among the French population and is well known in Europe as an impartial proof of compliance, making it a valuable certification for products and services that meet current standards of quality and performance. Authorisation to display the NF Service mark verifies that the Bazaarvoice platform and the company’s policies and operating processes comply with the requirements of Standard NF Z74-501 and certification rules NF 522, including:
·       The rules for the collection, moderation and publication of reviews are displayed.
·       There shall be no selection of the consumers entitled to submit a review, nor of the published reviews.
·       The reviews correspond to consumer experiences and identified authors.
·       The consumer shall be informed if his/her review is rejected.
·       The company that manages the reviews cannot modify them.
·       The consumer can report a review that appears to be suspect.
·       Professionals shall have the opportunity to respond to the reviews.
·       By default, the reviews shall be presented from the newest to the oldest.
AFNOR conducted the audit at Bazaarvoice’s offices in December 2013 and both parties will work together on a yearly basis to ensure continued compliance with the certification programme. The annual re-certification enables Bazaarvoice, and its clients that adopt the NF Service mark, to consistently provide evidence to consumers that the online reviews they are reading comply with AFNOR requirements.
In addition to obtaining the NF Service mark to help address these consumer-identified concerns, Bazaarvoice recently launched its own Authentic Reviews Trust Mark to proactively identify consumer reviews that comply with the Bazaarvoice Authenticity Policy and its supporting anti-fraud and moderation processes. In combination with the certification from AFNOR, the Bazaarvoice Authentic Reviews Trust Mark places the company at the forefront of the industry in the effort to help to ensure that consumer reviews are genuine, transparent and unbiased. The Bazaaarvoice Authentic Reviews Trust Mark is already available to Bazaarvoice clients in North America and the U.K., and will be available to Bazaarvoice clients in France in the coming months.Additional information regarding the Authentic Reviews Trust Mark is available at and


About AFNOR Certification:

AFNOR Certification, which delivers the sector-leading NF and AFAQ quality marks, is one of the few market actors capable of partnering customers end-to-end, from the definition of the processes best-geared to their strategy right through to national and international-scale control and management. It is the only certification body to provide a third party conformity recognition of online consumer reviews processing based on the NF Z74-501 standard. More information:

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